Graphical User Interface Productivity

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Graphical User Interface Productivity tools is a set of tools to improve usability, productivity and accessibility of the standard win32 interface while keeping the tools as light as possible. GUIPro is composed of "PortAL", "HulK" and "VulCan" tools.


PortAL (Portable Application Launcher) is the second project of guipro. Goal of this project for this release is to:

  • Provide a portable and light application launcher
  • Show the application menu by hotkey ( fully configurable using a xml file )

Sample of configuration file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!-- This group will be put in the systray -->
    <sep name="My menu"/>
    <app name="command line" exe="%system%\cmd.exe" path="C:\"/>
    <!-- Possible to put a hotkey in a group (open a menu), a application (launch it) or a special item (quit to quit. sep does nothing) -->
    <app name="notepad" exe="%win%\notepad.exe" key="N"/>
    <group name="A sub menu">
      <sep name="Sub menu title"/>
      <!-- mod is the modifier : C for Ctrl. A for Alt. W for Win. S for Shift -->
      <quit name="A &quot;quit&quot; item" mod="CA" key="Q"/>
    <group name="Explorers">
      <app name="explorer" exe="%win%\explorer.exe"/>
      <app name="explorer with another icon" exe="%win%\explorer.exe" ico="%win%\explorer.exe,2"/>
    <app name="Portal Documentation" exe="%portal%\doc\index.html" shell="true"/>
    <!-- An entry in order to config your portal menu. The icon of notepad is replaced by the XML icon -->
    <app name="Edit this config" exe="%win%\notepad.exe" param="%portal%\portal.xml" ico="%portal%\portal.xml" />


Hulk (Hotkey Unlimited) is the first project of guipro, it gives the structure of code. Goals of this project for this release is to :

  • minimize windows ( WIN + ~ (² for french keyboards) )
  • close windows ( WIN + ESC )
  • maximise windows ( WIN + 1 )
  • drag windows ( ALT + Left Mouse )
  • resize windows ( ALT + Right Mouse )
  • switch between windows ( ALT + Wheel )
  • send application to tray ( WIN + 2 )
  • send application to hulk tray menu ( CTRL + WIN + 2 )
  • restore the last iconize application ( WIN + 3 ) Minimize, close, maximise windows according to focus or mouse cursor ( by an option )


VulCan (Volume Changer) is the third project of guipro, it gives features to control the volume using hotkeys and mouse. Goals of this project for this release is to :

  • Very small memory footprint (like other Guipro tools)
  • Change the volume (up/down) or mute/unmute it
  • Configure the step value for the volume modification
  • Use hotkeys or the mouse (button or mouse wheel) with modifiers
  • Display the volume status in a tray balloon